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06/08/2016                                                                                                                                                            Manena Ng’ambi




WaterEmpowerment starts menstrual hygiene program with World Vision targeting 20,000 women and girls, teaching them how to make pads.

 Lusaka — Beginning 06/08/2016 WaterEmpowerment will begin implementing a Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) program in partnership with World Vision to  instruct on menstrual hygiene and improve access to menstrual hygiene products through teaching women & girls how to make their own pads.

The issue of unaffordable menstrual hygiene products plagues many communities in Zambia and around the world. WaterEmpowerment has responded to these issues by creating cloth pads that can be made by anyone and we have gone around communities to teach women & girls how to make these pads and how to care for them. Our featured pad the ‘Padini’ is a cross between n bikini and a sanitary pad. It’s designed specifically for economically challenged people who cannot afford to buy underwear or pads.

We believe that for a menstrual hygiene program in rural & peri-urban areas to be sustainable, women & girls MUST be taught how to make their own pads. There is great power in knowing how to manage your own feminine hygiene. For lower income communities, anything that involves extra cost for the family is unsustainable. Community agency mirrors the capacity of people to manage, utilize, and enhance those resources available to them in addressing local issues (Wilkinson, 1991; Luloff and Bridger, 2003; Brennan et al., 2005; Theodori, 2005). Flooding the market with essentials that the community cannot make on their own or afford creates dependency on the organization providing that service.

Our partnership with World Vision is critical as they have the same commitment as we do in seeing women and girls more empowered with knowledge about menstrual hygiene. 1 in 10 girls in Africa miss school because of menstrual hygiene, making a menstrual hygiene lessons vital in the prevention of girls getting left behind academically by boys. Girls on average miss approximately 20% of school due to their periods. Research by the UN found that menstruation is the leading cause for girls to drop out of school.

We’re excited to be partnering with World Vision. We view this partnership as an investment in the lives of Zambian people. Empowering women improves the health and economy of the community they live in. We are pegged to reach an amazing 20,000 females by September 2016. As the saying goes, “when you run alone you run fast. When you run together, you run far.”

To learn more about the this partnership or how you can become involved, please contact Manena at 443-681-9420  or visit the WaterEmpowerment website at

Learning to make pads

Learning to make pads