About Us

WaterEmpowerment seeks to educate, build and sustain safe clean water projects within Zambia. This will be implemented through the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) program model as a way of decreasing water borne disease, increasing life expectancy and improving overall health.

WaterEmpowerment has been working on developing programs for education and sustainability for residents. We encourage collective action and the building of bridges between the government, the local community members and private enterprises to increase access to clean and safe water. Our goal is to empower community residents to preserve their water source, care for any available water equipment, as well as to ensure the availability of safe clean water for future generations.

We have developed and maintained partnerships with the local leadership and have effectively engaged community members in participating and contributing to our pilot project. With limited funding we have successfully utilized unconventional methods by not having any paid staff and mostly conducting business electronically.

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