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May 28th is #MenstrualHygieneDay. As a young girl, I looked forward to reaching puberty because that’s when I was considered a woman, and women get more respect than girls.  Unfortunately for some girls in rural #Zambia, getting a #menstrual cycle is a shameful process that includes isolation. Most girls stay away from school because of the ‘curse’ as they lack access to sanitary napkins,  which makes the personal experience visible to others (because of the stains on their clothing).

#Menstruation ought to be enjoyed by every girl and woman. It is a wonderful experience because it is the body at work. There are so many myths and taboos #Zambian and other African girls/women are faced with during #menstruation. Please help us spread awareness to everyone that #menstruation is not a secretive curse, but a wonderful experience. For a young girl experiencing puberty and self consciousness, don’t you think she would love to hear that she need not be ashamed or miss school because of her ‘monthlies’?

As earlier mentioned, we are having a #chitenge drive in Lusaka, Zambia. Please check our article on the versatile cloth here. If you are in the U.S. you can still support the cause by donating here.
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