Mother’s Day


Image Copyright of: Kyu Oh

This Sunday, May 11th 2014, people in the U.S. will celebrate #mothers. There will be flowers, cards, expressions etc. all to remind #mothers how important they are to us. While all of this is very thoughtful, we need to celebrate our #mothers daily. There is a Bemba saying my grandmother used to say when I would say I wish I had another mother – “Banoko ni banoko”. Your mother is your mother, she gave you life.  #Mothers are thought of as the first educators because it is from a #mother that a child his/her primary social skills. Let’s not wait for #Mother’sDay to celebrate our mothers, let’s start today! Also, take time to (daily) celebrate our first #mother, Earth. She has provided daily sustenance for her children for many centuries and the effects of our misuse are rearing their ugly heads. Have a great weekend celebrating #mothers, and remember to be loving to #motherEarth as well!


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