Ready, set, walk!!!

Four days to go! The weather forecast for Saturday is sunny and mid 50s. The walk is through the beautiful Hopewell park in Columbia, MD.  The walk begins at 10am, so please get there in enough time with your ticket. Check in with officials who will be wearing dark blue t-shirts with “Walk for Water” logos Here are a few things to know before the walk. Tickets are non transferrable. Please bring a copy of your registration with you when you arrive at the park, and don’t forget to bring your ID! Refreshments and entertainment will be available after the walk.  The walk is a chance to raise awareness of the daily walk women and children have to make. You could bring a bucket if you wish. To get ready for the walk, please make sure you get enough rest the night before. Wear comfortable walking shoes; this is self explanatory. Before you begin walking, take a few minutes to warm up. Start slow. Yes this is a race, but you can build up to a faster yet comfortable pace. Please stay on the assigned route, no detours please (in case we have to go looking for you) Seriously, stay on the path. And lastly lets have fun. Now ready, set, let’s walk!


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